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Titel: Battletech World Wide Event 2018 im Fischkrieg
Beitrag von: Flynn am Juli 12, 2018, 16:35:49 Nachmittag
Hallo Mechkrieger

Am Mittwoch den 25.07.2018 möchte ich ab ca. 19 Uhr im Fischkrieg ein Szenario vom Battletech World Wide Event 2018 anbieten.

Einheiten, Sheets werden gestellt.
Würfel habe ich einige dabei, könnt aber auch gerne eigene mitbringen.

Im Vordergund steht der Spass an der Sache.

Die Einzelheiten des Szenarios werden vor Ort erklärt.


Ruins of Alt-Eisenstadt
Stotzing, former-Free Worlds League
8 April 3087

Stotzing was not an easy planet to settle. This was not a well established fact until after the first colony, Eisenstadt, was founded in 2598.
It failed after less than a decade under the combined weight of repeated crop failures caused and exacerbated by a voracious bacterial
ecosystem. Records from the failed settlement were sparse and while subsequent colonists were able to avoid the fate of the first, the location
of Alt-Eisenstadt (a new one was subsequently settled) was lost to historians for almost five centuries until 3085. The final throes of The Jihad
caused the announcement of the discovery to be relegated to the small number of archeologists and historians interested in lost colonies.
But there was one other group that caught wind of this discovery.

The Green Ghosts landed just over a year after the discovery was announced. A full scale archeological expedition had begun a mere two
months earlier and was only recently up to full speed. The possibility of this very thing happening had been considered and so the 1st Marik
Protectors utilized the opportunity for a training exercise. As the Green Ghosts moved towards the archeological site the Marik Protectors
and Stotzing Militia mobilized to protect it.

Grüße Flynn
Titel: Antw:Battletech World Wide Event 2018 im Fischkrieg
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Anbei der Flyer